We believe regarding one another as more important than oneself is the heart of Christian stewardship. It is also one of the greatest lessons a Catholic education can teach. Parents of Saint Leo the Great Catholic School students are fortunate to have many opportunities to share this lesson with their children. Volunteering is tangible proof of your commitment to our school, its mission, and the part it plays in your child’s life. It is a way to teach your children to work for what they truly believe in and value. It is also how we build a strong community and maintain the sense of family that has always characterized this school.

Parents, grandparents and relatives wishing to volunteer must be compliant with the Diocesan Youth Protection Policy in order to volunteer with children.  Information on how to obtain your clearances can be found on the school packet link.  If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Sharon Hoover at shoover@stleoschool.org.

If you have any questions regarding the Stewardship Hours Commitment Form, please contact our Director of Development & Parish Ministries, Alan Schwartz at 717-394-1742 ext. 323 / development@stleos.org or Suzanne Cybulski, Assistant to the Director Alan Schwartz, who can be reached at 394-1742 ext. 327 / dpm@stleos.org.

Parents do make a huge difference at Saint Leo the Great Catholic School. Without volunteer help we could not afford the programs listed below. Thank you for making a 40 hour commitment to serve the interest of others!

Below is a list of committees available for you to volunteer your time with. An asterisk * means a clearance badge is needed.

Parent Teacher Organization

P.T.O. *

Technology Action Team Planning Subcommittee

Public Relations

Spiritual Life *

Annual Appeal Team Member Business Relations Event Donut Sales
Hospitality/Hosting/Chaperoning Mentor Family  

Box Tops for Education

Cafeteria (dishes)

Classroom Coordinator *

Clerical Support

Faculty/Staff Appreciation

Luncheon Coordinator

Faculty/Staff Appreciation


Helping Hands

Library Helper *

Middle School Mini Courses *


Recess Aide *

School Store *

Uniform Exchange

Bus Driver Appreciation

Christmas Concert Social

Father-Daughter Dance

Grandfriends Day Coordinator *

Grandfriends Day Volunteer *

Mother-Son Bowling Night

School Musical *

Student Field Day *

Talent Show *

Armata Bianca *

First Lego League *

Girls on the Run *

Health and Wellness Day *

Math Counts *

Odyssey of the Mind *

Quiz Bowl * Yearbook *


School Board Committees

P.T.O. (Officer) *

(Fulfills full 40 hour commitment)
An officer of P.T.O. is willing to  meet once per month to help build community, fellowship and relationships for all families in the school.  Each member is expected to work in specific areas (Let's D.A.N.C.E., Development Events, parent-child relationship building events, etc.)  Clearance badges are needed.  Please click on this link for a full description: http://stleoschool.org/hsa.shtml

Technology Action Team (Fulfills 40 hour commitment)
Volunteer will advise Technology Director in development of short and long range plans. Evening meetings are on an as needed basis.

Planning Subcommittee (Fulfills 40 hour commitment)
Our subcommittee deals primarily with analyzing the current use of educational facilities within the school in order to develop a long-range needs/wants facilities usage plan. Prepare an energy/utility audit of the school in order to provide a long-range energy usage plan.  We meet once per month, in the evening.

Policy (Fulfills 40 hour commitment)
Our subcommittee deals primarily with maintaining the school Policy Manual. We work closely with the principal in our efforts to continuously improve our school’s Crisis Management Plan. This committee meets on an as-needed basis, mostly in the evenings.

Public Relations (Fulfills 40 hour commitment)
Enhance Saint Leo the Great Catholic School web page. Develop procedure to ensure the timely submitting of information articles to local and diocesan publications. Members of this committee also aid in the quarterly newsletter. They work with the Development Director in promoting and distributing the accomplishments of the school and students and getting coverage for various events. Meetings are in the evening, once per month.

Spiritual Life* (Fulfills 40 hour commitment)
We help to develop ways to enhance the faith community among all those involved with Saint Leo the Great Catholic School. We seek ways through which the school community can be of service to the wider church community and we host and organize one yearly faith-enriching event for the children of our school. We meet after the weekly school Holy Mass (usually Fridays) once per month or as needed and young children are welcome at our meetings!

Development Committees

Annual Appeal Team Member (30 hours)
We have a large need for parents, grandparents, alumni and friends to join our committee. We will first meet in the Spring (one night meeting at the end of April or beginning of May) to start implementing strategies for growth. These volunteers must also be able to help call during our phone-a-thon in the Fall. The Fall calling hours are evening hours (Sunday-Thursday) and NO diocesan clearance badge is needed. This is a golden opportunity for folks to pick up hours fast and help our school’s mission in a powerful and direct way.

Business Relations Event

Assist with decorating, set-up, serving guests, cleanup.  On some occasions, tour guides and chaperones are needed as well.

Donut Sales

Volunteers help with donut sales after all Saint Leo the Great Catholic Church Sunday Masses.

Hospitality / Hosting / Chaperoning * (Double hours opportunities / babysitting= triple hours)
There are many hospitality, P.R., recruitment and fundraising needs that our Office of Development & Parish Ministries is in need of many volunteers for. There is a multitude of times for these needs ranging from very early morning (7-9AM), during the school day, just after school, evening and weekend. There are tasks that would require you to interact with guests and some that would not.  Duties included but not limited to setting up and cleaning up formal and informal events, tour-guiding, serving and picking food up.

Mentor Family (Fulfills 40 hour commitment)

Did you have questions when you first started our parish-school? Who did you ask?  Be that expert for a new family.  Remember it's not just the first day of school for kids...it's the first day for parents as well.  Contact Alan Schwartz at development@stleos.org for more information.


In School Activities

Box Tops For Education (20 hours)
This team initiates the collection of box tops through fun drives and notification. “Box Tops” are coupon style cutouts that you can find on any general mills cereal box, various reams of paper, Kleenex and other participating name brands. Meetings are seldom. Contests may occur at the request of the principal, creating the need to come in and collect box tops more often.

Bulletin Board Volunteers (20 hours)
Assist the school in maintaining its lobby bulletin boards with an artistic representation of current events, liturgical seasons and any other items or events the Principal asks for.

Cafeteria (dishes) (per hour)
Assisting the cafeteria staff with washing trays during lunch hours (11:20-1:00 PM). Schedules are available via SighUp Genius on our school website. DISHWASHING YIELDS DOUBLE HOURS.

Classroom Coordinator* (Fulfills 40 hour commitment)
The classroom coordinator will assist the teacher. Helping to coordinate class parties, faith-related in-class activities and crafts are primarily the coordinator’s duties.

Clerical Support (Hours vary)

Volunteer assist school office staff, development office, PTO and all other school committees in stuffing envelopes, mailings, school packet, etc.

Faculty/Staff Appreciation Luncheon Coordinator

One of these is needed for each class.  Person gathers information sheets of parents who volunteered to help and communicate the various needs to them via a SignUp Genius, etc. and coordinate a faculty/staff lunch. These lunches are provided once during each trimester.

Faculty/Staff Appreciation Luncheon
Volunteer is there to help facilitate the staff luncheon on the day of the event.

Helping Hands (Hours Vary)
Various errands are run and meals made for families in need.

Library Helper * (2 hours per visit)
Checking out and shelving of books.

Middle School Mini Courses *

Do you like to design cupcakes, swing a golf club, draw comics?  Share your talents and mentor our middle school students enrolled in grades 6,7 and 8.  Clubs meet from 2:30 to 3:00 PM every other Friday for nine weeks September-December and January-May.  Contact Mrs. Christine McLean at principal@stleoschool.org for more information.

Photography (for special events) (hours vary)
Contact Mrs. Christine McLean at principal@stleoschool.org

Recess Aide * (double hours, 3 hours per visit)
Volunteer helps take children to and from recess, while assisting with supervision from 11:15-1:15PM.

School Store * (10 hours)
Volunteer works with Student Council to order Saint Leo wear and stationery supplies adorned with school logo.

Uniform Exchange (10 hours)
Volunteer helps, twice a year, to organize uniforms and stock and arrange for public display.

Special Events

Bus Driver Appreciation

Volunteers needed to coordinate special recognition given to our bus drivers at the end of the school year.

Christmas Concert Social

Held in the gymnasium after the Christmas Concert.  Please contact Mrs. Barb Slagle at bslagle@stleos.org

Father-Daughter Dance

Moms are needed to help organize a father-daughter dance.  Dads and daughters will enjoy refreshments, dancing and a nice evening fostering their relationship with one another and God, set to music.  Moms are needed to help with reserving the gym in either late January or February (spread out at least one month from the father-daughter dance).  It will be open for families with daughters ages

K-8.  A committee of moms lead by P.T.O. representative would be ideal.  SignUp Genius would be a best option, with volunteers needing to pass on the eblast to the school office in early January.

Grandfriends Day Coordinator * (40 hour commitment)
Volunteer is responsible for inviting honored guests, ordering and setting up lunch, communicating the logistics to the day with administration, staffing the entire day: welcoming table, recess aides, hall monitors, any activity planned (photos,etc). 

Grandfriends Day Volunteer * (10 hours)
Volunteer will take direction from coordinator.

Mother-Son Bowling Night - Dads needed!!!!

Dads will help organize and run the event, with some support from P.T.O.  Moms and sons will enjoy bowling with their sons, building up their relationship with each other and God.  We will need dads to schedule the time(s) at the bowling alley, create signup capabilities for moms (SignUp Genius would be best), create deadlines, an eblast notification (given to the school office starting early February), help with food, decorations and door prizes.  Dads will also be needed to be present the night(s) of the event to help things go smoothly. A committee of dads would be ideal.  The event should be sometime in late February or March (spread out at least one month from the Father-Daughter Dance).  It will be open for families with sons ages K-8.

School Musical * (20 hours)

Can you sew, paint, choreograph, design a program, collect tickets?  We have small roles and not so small roles as we work with our students on honing their theatrical and musical talents.  Showtime is usually the third Saturday in May.  Contact Mr. Veilleux at zveilleux@stleoschool.org for more information.

Student Field Day (Grades 1-8) * (hours vary)
Volunteers please contact Mrs. Atkinson matkinson@stleoschool.org

Talent Show * (20 hours)

Help at this very popular event held Saturday following Catholic Schools Week.  Help preview and produce acts, work with lights, sound, we even need a Master of Ceremonies!  Contact Mrs. Christine McLean at principal@stleoschool.org

Clubs and Activities

(40 hour commitment to lead)
Most clubs need a leader/facilitator. Contact Mrs. Christine McLean if interested - principal@stleoschool.org.  The variety of clubs we offer our students are only limited by our talents and imagination: Chess Club, School Musical, etc. Also any intermural sports clinics: ie tennis, field hockey, and volleyball.

Armata Bianca Volunteers *
Volunteer will assist the Armata Bianca Leader (Kelly Lynch at lynchkellyann@aol.com) with the program. Armata Bianca is an after school group (Wednesdays) where children pray the rosary, do a craft, have a snack and perform an end-of-the-year “play” reenacting the apparition of Mary, Mother of God to the children at Fatima.


Help guide our students to be tomorrow’s  innovators which practice imaginative thinking and teamwork. Coach a  FIRST LEGO League team in  researching  a real-world problem such as food safety, recycling, energy, etc., and developing a solution. Students must design, build, program a robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS® technology, then compete on a table-top playing field. Contact John Bridgen at  jbridgen@inteksystems.com  for more information.

Girls on the Run * (Fulfills 40 hour commitment)

Help ignite confidence in girls while establishing a lifetime of devotion to heath and fitness.

Health and Wellness Day *
Volunteer secures professionals in the industry to present a day of knowledge/exploration for our 6-8 graders.

Math Counts * (Fulfills 40 hour commitment)

Coach a fun engaging competitive middle school math team.  Season runs from September through January.  Practices are up to coach's discretion!

Odyssey of the Mind *

Help support our student team members to work together to solve a predefined problem (the long-term problem); and present their solution to the problem at a competition.  They must also participate in the spontaneous portion of the competition by generating solutions to a problem they have not seen before.  Long-term problem solution often involves various elements of theatrical performance, construction and design, the spontaneous portion occurs the day of the competition.  Contact Mrs. Christine McLean at principal@stleoschool.org for more information.

Quiz Bowl * (Fulfills 40 hour commitment)
If you like all areas of knowledge coach a fun engaging competitive middle school trivia team. Season runs from September through January. Practices are up to coach's discretion!

Yearbook *
Person guides a group of 8th graders in the creation of our school’s yearbook (choose a theme, take and organize pictures and pages).





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