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Acceptable Internet Use Policy

St. Leo the Great School is well provided with technology equipment for student use and instruction. A mobile cart carries thirty-one AlphaSmart units, a monitor, computer, and printer. These are assigned numerically to students in grades one through eight at the start of the year so the work of eight students is stored in each unit. The word-processing work can then be transferred to the computer and saved to student disks for editing, or it can be printed directly. In addition, each classroom has computers set up for the Successmaker mathematics enrichment program and word-processing purposes.

The science room, computer lab and rooms 3-8 have new Smart Board technology installed. These units project from the teacher's computer to a large display board, allowing wide flexibility in instructional display. It is particularly effective when used with the new microscopes earned by one of the teachers through workshop involvement.

The computer lab itself holds computers for an entire classroom of students. Internet access allows extensive research capability, and students begin early to build technology skills. Students are assigned to a computer and accept responsibility for the condition of that computer. Students should examine the computer for any changes before use at the beginning of each class period and notify the teacher in charge immediately if computer tampering is suspected.

All students are required to sign and adhere to the Internet Acceptable Use Policy and the Acceptable Use of the School Network Policy. In an attempt to prevent the spreading of computer viruses, students are not allowed to bring portable storage devices from home. Students are to refrain from entering into the settings of any computer in the building. Failure to adhere to these directives will result in disciplinary action. The computer laboratory is for the enrichment of every student's educational program, and responsible sharing and use of the equipment is expected.

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