Faculty and Staff

All full time faculty members of Saint Leo the Great Catholic School are fully certified teachers as specified by the Diocese of Harrisburg and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Subjects outside the Core Curriculum are taught by teachers certified in those subject areas (Art, Music, Spanish, Computer, Physical Education).




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Faculty At-A-Glance

17 Full-time certified faculty members
  9 Part-time certified faculty members
 16 Bachelor's of Arts or Science Degrees
 10 Masters Degrees

 10 Teacher aides assist in Preschool through Grade 5

Faculty and Staff

Miss Mattie Hershey- PreK-3 and PreK-4

Mrs. Liz Baak - Kindergarten - Homeroom K-1

Mrs. Jan Bixby - Kindergarten - Homeroom K-2

Mrs. Kelly Mastrogiovanni - Kindergarten - Homeroom K-3

Mrs. Holly Maher - First Grade - Homeroom 1-1

Mrs. Jennifer Miller - First Grade - Homeroom 1-2

Mrs. Michele Damiano - Second Grade - Homeroom 2-1

Mrs. Kaitlin Timmons - Second Grade - Homeroom 2-2

Mrs. Irene DeSolis - Third Grade - Homeroom 3-1

Mrs. Dagny Heidig - Third Grade - Homeroom 3-2

Mrs. Jenny Harrington - Fourth Grade - Homeroom 4-1

Miss Hannah Motyl - Fourth Grade - Homeroom 4-2

Mrs. Stacey Berger, Fifth Grade - Homeroom 5-1

Mrs. Michelle Navickas, Fifth Grade - Homeroom 5-2

Mr. Allen Swope - Homeroom 6-1 (boys)

Mrs. Ellen Tucker - Homeroom 6-2 (girls)

Mrs. Deborah Miehl - 6th grade ILA

Mr. Art Festa - Homeroom 7-1 (boys)

Mrs. Jan Traeger - Homeroom 7-2 (girls)

Mr. Louie Soper - Eighth Grade Homeroom

Mrs. Kendel Hinchey - Instructional Support Instructor

Mrs. Kathryn Hemlick - Art

Mr. Zachary Veilleux - Music

Mr. Mathew Panyik - Computer

Mrs. Melissa Atkinson - Physical Education

Mrs. Andrea Petrillo - Library

Mrs. Norma Oviedo - Spanish

Mrs. Shannon Alvarez - STEAM teacher

Mrs. Konnie Flounlacker I.U. Speech Clinician

Ms. Melissa Murray - I.U. School Counselor

Mrs. Maura Pluta - I.U. Reading & Math Specialist

Health Room - Mrs. Suzanne Powell, Nurse


Administrative Contacts

Mrs. Christine McLean, Principal
Mrs. Gayla Rihaly, Secretary / Bookkeeper
Mrs. Sharon Hoover, Secretary

Mrs. Kim Evans-Werner - IT Director

Mr. Alan Schwartz - Director of Development and Parish Ministries

Mr. Vernon Bottoms, Maintenance


To email any faculty or staff member, simply use the person's first initial and full last name followed by @stleoschool.org.


Saint Leo the Great Catholic School
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Lancaster, PA 17601             

Phone & FAX
(717) 394-1742 - option 3
FAX: (717) 392-4080

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